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*This is a work of fiction*


The story is set in Penang, an island which located off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Penang embraces both modernity and colonial  traditions. With numerous of well preserved heritage buildings, its capital "George Town" has been granted the home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Penang island has a predominantly Chinese population and the main characters are set as Chinese Malaysians.
They are currently high school students of Xin Yuan Girl’s High school.


A sudden announcement shocked the whole neighborhood, the government calls for demolition of the whole neighborhood for new city development. The resident are furious and feeling very lost with the shocked announcement. Mi Er, granddaughter of the 72-year-old Beh Teh Saw Biscuit shop has more reasons to protect the neighbor than ever. She wants to do something drastic for the neighborhood as the deadline until demolition is 1 year.

Out of desperation, Mi Er and her best friends Xing Qiao and Cai Yun decided to team up as an “idol group”, hoping to grab the attention of the netizen. Surprisingly, their amateurish performance and heartfelt message went viral and a lot of people begin to follow them.

Meantime, the video also catches a certain girl, named Yue Shuang. She eagerly approaches the girls and suggests them to join the idol battle competition, which is a very popular live show.  She promises that she can guides them to the path to victory with condition of her being their manager.

As they grow more as idol, they faces even steeper challenges, hence, new blood such as Eleanor, Ai Yi and Qiu Yu joins as music composer, costume designer and lyricist. As days passes, the girls gradually discover Yue Shang true agenda and it causes conflict among the group and Mi Er is suddenly been thrown into the center of this thunderstorm.

This is a story of high school girls who their fate intertwine, a story about passion, a story about destined rivalry, a story about bittersweet of chasing after dreams.

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